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Alaskan Discovery Cruise: September 2-16 2011

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Homer Alaska

Homer is a "fishing community" with fish processing plants both at the village center near the cruise dock and along the route into town. This port doesn't get enough tourist trade yet to warrant tour busses so a school bus is likely to be your mode of transportation into town. (Check out the signs over the driver's set on the photo in the images above; one reminds the driver to make sure that he doesn't return his/her bus at the end of the day having failed to notice that a child fell asleep and didn't exit the bus and the sign displaying rules for student conduct.) The local guides that load the busses near the cruise ship are very knowledgeable and helpful.

The photo of the library in the slides above is a shout-out for the absolutely wonderful wi-fi access that the town's library offers. This is a small town, but it has a large, well-equipped, modern library. You can purchase wi-fi services with extra features, but I found that the free service was just fine, and I'd sought out the library because I had at very large file (many, many photos) that a client had inadvertently sent and until I could get it off my mail server I would be unable to get any mail down at the speed and expense of the ship's wi-fi service. I was very grateful to solve the problem so easily. The library isn't right on the shuttle service into and around town, but it is a very short walk from 2 of the scheduled stops.

The small village center near the cruise port is served also by a free shuttle service and is quite picturesque. The Salty Dog Saloon is a well-known restaurant/bar and there are numerous craft, gift, clothing, and food stores all along the walking path. There are excellent restaurants, working fishing processing plants where boats are unloading their catch and moving it into the processing areas are close by, and in 2011, the cable reality-tv show The Deadliest Catch had a retail store here. We were told that starting in 2012 the store would be located in town; the guides at the pier will surely know where. (We paid the postage for a poster that our grandchild would cherish and the store promptly mailed it in an envelope that protected it very satisfactorily.

At a pier near the cruise ship the Time Bandit ship (also from the show) is docked and no one objected to photos being taken of the ship.

Read More: City of Homer Website

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