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Scenic Cruising
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Scenic Cruising through Tracy Arm Fjord

This fjord is near Juneau and is within the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness Area in the Tongass National Forest. There are two fjords within this wilderness area; the other is Endicott Arm. On the day we were there considerable calving was occuring and the photos show some of the results of that. Some of the fallen pieces of the glacier were huge, and as usual, being able to hear the calving was an awesome part of the day.

Notice the officer standing on an outside extension platform in one of the photos. The photo was taken from a deck below the platform's position.

The Gallery

The Gallery for this cruise features photographs sorted by type; i.e., Birds, Bears, Whales/Orcas, Other Sea Life, Flowers, and Butterflies. The photos are different from the ones that are displayed in the Slider Box on each page. We hope you'll enjoy The Gallery!

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