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Northern Europe Explorer: 24 Days

May 22-June 15 2011

Helsinki FN

Google Interactive Map: The Big Picture

Google Interactive Map: Helsinki

Map for the 3T and 3B Tram (the green route)

The weather was very changeable; at times we were sloshing through the rain when on foot or looking out of bus windows that were fogged with rain. Yet, moments later, the sun would burst through and we'd have a few minutes of beautiful weather. The photos reflect the changing light and sky patterns. Views are various sights visible from the tram; the weather was such that the camera was put away while walking along the streets. The first two images were taken at the cruise port; with this sunny sky we had high hopes for a beautiful day!


Tram 3T and 3B around the city; we made several rounds.



Local city transportation; a link in the maps links at the top of the page includes a link to a tram map.

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The HAL shuttle dropped us in front of a business (on right side of the street) that had a huge "SPA" sign; if you're dropped there the Tram 3 is just behind the bus and around the corner to the left as you walk to the corner. Or, walk over to the train station. You pay for the train by the hour; a complete loop is about an hour; buy more time onboard. After a couple of rounds you'll know what you want to photograph either from the tram, or disembark to look around/take photos, etc. and board the next one. Tram numbers (3B and 3T) reflect two different parts of the route; the bus changes its number at the midway point; changes back near the train station.


Lunch at a local department store, Stockman's, was lovely! Inexpensive and very much like the elegant restaurants that American department stores used to feature. Open-faced sandwiches, pastries for dessert, assorted drinks; the hot chocolate, for example, came in a huge glass and was very, very good. We found it by walking through the store and spotting the Cafe signs.


A very nice day; inexpensive, and we saw a lot, including local people on their way to museums, the aquarium, school, etc.

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