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Northern Europe Explorer: 24 Days

May 22-June 15 2011

St. Petersburg I

Google Interactive Map: The Big Picture

Google Interactive Map: St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Day 2

BELOW: St. Petersburg Day 1
City Tour, Peterhof, Catherine Palace, St. Petersburg Anniversary Festival, Local Market; (Photos aren't allowed inside the Peterhof)


Private tour

St. Petersburg I


I (Love) Travel SPB

with Guide Anna Glushkova

Why Selected?

We wanted to maximize our time and had specific things we wanted to see and do. We were very pleased with our decision.

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We planned these two days several months before traveling, following the recommendation of a Cruise Critic member who had been very satisfied with the tours he had with this particular guide through this agency, working via e-mail with I Travel SPB. Price it out, but it's likely if perhaps 3 couples go in together the cost with a fine private agency such as this one would be no more than a large group experience with HAL or another agency. This agency specializes in individualized tours with groups of all sizes and can include modern-day experiences as well as visiting the sites that reflect the history of this area.


We didn't know that our St. Petersburg visit coincided with the St. Petersburg Anniversary Festival. Our guide assumed we'd chosen the dates because of the Anniversary; I think she was disappointed to learn that we'd never heard of it, but it was a wonderful opportunity to mingle with local residents, hear music and watch dances, acrobatics, etc. that are locally popular.


This experience was everything we could have imagined. Anna taught us so much and we had so many unique experiences. We were very satisfied and believe that our decision to purchase a private tour was, for us, exactly the right decision. Actually we did more on this first day in St. Petersburg than the photos can show; no photos are allowed inside the Peterhof or in the metro (subway) and it was raining too much to have a camera out for much of the morning hours. Also, we were respectful of churches and didn't photograph much (if at all) inside them.

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