Ship Life: Village Fair

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The Village Fair

Another sea day special! Many departments went all out to create a game or contest for all of us to enjoy. There were games of chance, skill contests, guessing games, and in the center ring (the Lido pool) passengers were using their game tickets—delivered to our cabins and more could be earned with luck and skill at the fair—for a chance to toss a ball through a series of life buoys suspended at various heights over the pool. Those who scored a ball through the hoop got to see an officer "walk the plank" into the pool, and the highest ring earned a pool jump by the highest-ranking officer playing the game at that time. At the end of the time allotted for the fair the line was still long for participating, so the game was extended and Cruise Director Anthony Choice joined the lineup as the highest-ranking plank-walker. Everyone had a lot of fun, watching and playing the little games and the crew went to a lot of trouble to offer a morning's entertainment for all of us.

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