Ship Life: Our Suite

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Neptune Suite 010

We don't always book a Neptune Suite—we need to be offered a really good price before we'll do it—but it worked out very nicely for this cruise. The use of the Neptune Lounge would be very pleasant, and the extra space would be a bonus. We loved the suite and it did add a lot of enjoyment to the trip. We had adequate space to entertain shipboard friends, too.

One of the things we enjoy doing on all of our cruises is to decorate our door. We use a ribbon loop—it circles the door entirely, with a short elastic strip sewn between the two ends of a 41/2 yard roll of ribbon—so it will stretch a little to fit any small irregularities of door sizes. Since we would be crusing during the Christmas holiday season we selected a red ribbon and bow; on the bow streamers we glued small wooden letters to spell our names before we left home. We took a few small tree lightweight ornaments and two tiny stockings, along with a little paper copy of the Christmas carol, "Silent Night" that has a small gold loop  on the paper. We assembled it all on the ship.