San Diego

Marriott Gaslamp Quarters

San Diego CA

San Diego was the embarkation and disembarkation point for this cruise.

Google Cruise Map


Easy travel to the cruise terminal at a far better rate than expected!

It pays to call and ask.



Mariott Hotel, Gaslamp Quarters


Pre-cruise hotel stay

We live about 2 hours away from San Diego. We have several options for travel to the port: we can easily come by Amtrak, can drive and leave the car in a public garage, or leave the car in a secure hotel garage if we spend one night there. As you can see from the Serendipity sidebox, we found a really good offer at the Marriott Gaslamp Quarters hotel. Probably because we were staying Thanksgiving night when the hotel census was very low, we got a great rate on the room and were able to leave the car in their valet garage for less than train tickets, and travel to the train station, would have cost. We used a taxi to the cruise terminal; it was a little far to walk and in our experience, the sidewalks in that area are very hard on luggage wheels.
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