Ship Life: Verandah

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Our Verandah


We looked forward  to enjoying the verandah during warm days at sea and in ports near the equator. Even though we experienced a lot more wind than we'd expected, for the most part we were able to enjoy the verandah a lot. We had many meals, snacks, and tea served out on the verandah, thanks to the excellent room service that's available on the Statendam.

We wanted to create a "tropical island" atmosphere on the verandah so we brought a simple bright yellow tablecloth for the verandah's large table. It would have blown off had we left it outside all the time (and rained on occasionally!) so I found a cabinet right next to the verandah door. It was a simple matter to take it out whenever we were going to put dishes on the table to hold it in place. We thought it dressed the verandah up beautifully!

The cabin stewards brought the seat cushions in each evening and sometimes we took them out and used them; other times, since the lounges and chairs were comfortable without them and we didn't bother to get the cushions out.

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