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HAL Shore Excursion

I don't think it's possible to arrange a tour like this indiviidually. A search of online tour agencies for the area displays only the tour offerings of the many cruise lines that call here.

The tour organization selects what they call "the best" of the co-operatives to visit; that's their definition, but we think we probably were taken to an excellent example of this type of town.

The Co-operative's Public School

Tthis public school serves those who are part of the Aleman Co-operative Community, which is close to the Guatemalan border. It is named for a local historic figure. While our guide told us that as a public school everything needed by the students is provided, closer questioning revealed that this may not be true for students who are members of Guatemalan families who have come to the area as laborers; i.e., not local co-operative member families. Regardless of the actual situation, everyone seemed happy to receive the school supplies which our tour operator provided for us to give to the school. We were also given candy to distribute (not enough! some kids didn't get any!) and the children have been taught that they must give something in return. Most had little drawings or notes to share.