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Alaskan Discovery Cruise: September 2-16 2011

Google Interactive Map of the Cruise
Our Google map provides much more information on our itinerary. It will open in a separate window for your convenience.

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Cruise to Alaska: Roundtrip Seattle - 14 days

We've been to Alaska with Holland America before, but only visited the "usual" places. The extra week allowed us to see some smaller places and gave us a full day in Anchorage so there was time for a train trip into the countryside. We were delighted to see so much wildlife; our plan-ahead efforts to line up tours that would get us out of the port area worked out very well. We hiked out to see bears in their natural setting and arranged for a couple of lengthy boat tours to visit locations where whales and sea lions were known to frequent and where, if we were lucky—and we were—we'd see bears on the shoreline. We enjoyed the port of Seattle very much as well, both on the day prior to embarking the cruise and for the balance of our disembark day before a late flight home.

The cruise offered three opportunities to see glaciers "up close" from the ship; the photos for these events are listed in the "Scenic Cruising" menu tab.

Each port (see menu tab at top) has a page of photos similar to this page that introduces the ports. For close-up photos, check out The Gallery, described below. Feel free to write with questions and comments; our e-mail address is in the footer.

The Gallery

The Gallery (see menu tab at top) for this cruise features photographs sorted by type; i.e., Birds, Bears, Whales/Orcas, Other Sea Life, Flowers, and Butterflies. The photos are different from the ones that are displayed in the Slide Show on each page. We hope you'll enjoy The Gallery!

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