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On the menu at this hands-on cooking opportunity was a chilled soup, a salmon course and a chocolate/ice cream dessert. All of the class participants were assigned specific cooking tasks which included chopping and dicing fruits, vegetables, and bread for croutons, preparing the salmon marinade, combining and pureeing the soup ingredients and my job, which was to melt the chocolate for the sauce, add the eggs, sugar and marsala and blend the mixture into a thick, smooth cream which would serve as a sauce for the fruit and ice cream.

Unlike other similar cooking experiences I've participated in, when the meal components were served in a sit-down meal at the conclusion of the preparation/cooking time, this meal was eaten as the courses were completed—mostly "on the go" as we continued to complete our assignments for the next course.

As usual, recipe cards and aprons were distributed as take-home items. Leading the class were Party Planner Jackie and the Pinnacle Chef.

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