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Alaskan Discovery Cruise: September 2-16 2011

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Ketchikan Alaska

For us, Ketchikan was a eagerly-awaited opportunity to see black bears in their natural habitat. The Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary is a private reserve located at Herring Cove and we used a HAL tour to access this unique location. With an experienced guide we hiked through forest land where evidence that bears had traveled through was all around us and our guide pointed out both this evidence and the local plants that were so abundant. At the end of this pleasant hike we reached a stream which had overhead platforms built near it so that we could climb up and watch the bears without their feeling threatened by our presence. We saw probably a dozen different bears around the stream; most were fishing for salmon or instructing their young cubs in the fine art of salmon fishing. The trip back out took us by a salmon hatchery and to a demonstration of rescued birds that are housed at the reserve. We'd highly recommend this tour.

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