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Transatlantic Normandy Crossing Cruise: April 1-16 2012

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King's Wharf, Bermuda

We'd originally planned to take the ferry across to Hamilton and explore on our own, but once on the ship, decided instead to take a small van tour of the entire island, using a Shore Excursion offering. We were pleased with our choice; the guide (Henry) had clearly spent a lot of his own time learning about the history of Bermuda, its customs, architecture, plants, etc. He grew up in Bermuda and explained at the time he was in school the history lessons included nothing of Bermuda's history so in order to expand his career as a driver for the local transportation system he had studied the areas that tourists would want to visit. He provided a very good explanation of how the design of homes here facilitates the delivery of water to be used in the home; it's rainwater, collected and stored through an elaborate system built into the home. Local residents buy water only in cases of severe drought. There were ample opportunities for photos and we believe that we learned more than we would have, had we selected instead to go exploring on our own.

HAL's Shore Excursion

The Bermuda Gallery features more photographs than could be shown in the slide show.

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