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Transatlantic Normandy Crossing Cruise: April 1-16 2012

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Cruise Itinerary

Itinerary Map - To enlarge map click anywhere inside it. Click outside to restore thumbnail..

ms Ryndam: Days at Sea

In addition to its interesting ports this cruise appealed to us because it featured 10 days at sea. Sea days provide an opportunity to sea-watch from one's balcony, a public deck, or through one of the many full-length windows on the ship. There's a wonderful library aboard every Holland America Lines ship, and of course we brought books on our iPads. It's always time to eat—meals, snacks, tea, room service choices—the list is endless. We always make new friends from among the passengers, the crew, and often meet up with former cruise friends.

During this sailing we were happy to be asked to dine with the Captain (Captain Werner Timmers) one formal evening. Most evenings we went to the show after dinner for live entertainment. There are individual performers that come aboard for a short period of time, but the ship has a performance cast of singers and dancers who are on stage four times during the cruise. There's other music around the ship as well, such as a classical strings quartet, a piano bar, small orchestras or bands and the ship's own band, the HAL Cats. Daytime activities abound as well; there are games, contests, lectures, and port talks.

George's camera records the GPS data for photographs once it's been set via satellite. At least once a day, rain or shine, George made his way out to an open deck so that his GPS tracker could pick up our location for the day's photos.

The Ryndam Gallery features more photographs than could be shown in the slide show.

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