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Transatlantic Normandy Crossing Cruise: April 1-16 2012

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St. Malo, France

St. Malo is in the Brittany part of France and close by is Mont Saint Michel. Before leaving the area for a tour we very much enjoyed "walking the wall" of the Old City. Almost the entire perimeter of the old city is walled in and there's a wide, easily-navigated walkway on top of the wall. It opens out into an elevated grassy area that overlooks the sea, but for the most part, walkers can look down upon the city streets, markets, hotels, and shops.

In the afternoon we joined a HAL tour so that we could see some of the Brittany countryside. We did spend a little time at Mont Saint Michel, but to us, seeing the Brittany countryside was more interesting. Eventually we ended up at St. Vaast for a very nice oyster tasting experience at a local restaurant. The oysters were good, reported those who like oysters, but everyone enjoyed the excellent local butter that was came with the bread service.

The St. Malo Gallery features photographs that didn't fit the slide show format, above.

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