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Transatlantic Normandy Crossing Cruise: April 1-16 2012

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London (Heathrow) to Los Angeles (LAX)

Even wonderful trips come to an end. And so we checked out of our London hotel and caught a cab, intending to go to Paddington Station where we could easily pick up the fast train to Heathrow. Our cab driver pointed out that his charge for just taking us straight to the airport would be very close to his charge to Paddington, plus our train fare to Heathrow and even though we'd looked forward to one more London transportation experience, it just made sense to take the cab to Heathrow.

The cab was convenient; we had first-class seats to Los Angeles on American Airlines and at Heathrow, that's a check-in in a separate building. The cab pulled up very close to the door and we went on in to check ourselves and our luggage in and then over to the main terminal to clear security, and enjoy the Admiral's Club lounge while awaiting our plane.

We are so very fortunate to have George's accumulated airline miles with American to use for these long-distance trips. Heathrow to LAX is about 13 hours, and to have seats which swiveled to allow us to gaze out of the window while eating or looking at the scenery (when there is any!) and then to recline the seat totally flat into a bed, complete with sheets, a nice duvet, and even pajamas should one care to bother with them (we didn't!) is such a nice way to return home at the end of a trip. The food wasn't, it must be admitted, equal to the first-class food we once enjoyed on American, but it was fine for "airline food" and such favorites as heated nuts, ice cream sundaes and fresh-baked cookies and milk are still offered.

Once in Los Angeles we took advantage of our
Global Entry status to avoid the general immigration line. Once the passport is inserted into the Global Entry kiosk scanner a few questions of the yes/no variety are answered on-screen, and it's done! The slip of paper that is dispensed moves the traveler to the front of the customs line, and in our case, we were out on the street, waiting for our pre-arranged transportation home in just a few minutes. Because we'd be the car's only passengers, the drivers wait in the off-site parking area adjacent to the airport, ready to take the next call that comes in. We waited less than 5 minutes for the driver's arrival.

We found no problems at home and we were quickly unpacked . . . and thinking already about what our next adventure might be.

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