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Transatlantic Normandy Crossing Cruise: April 1-16 2012

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Cherbourg, France

Cherbourg is in the Normandy area of France. Upon leaving the ship we easily found the free shuttle that took passengers outside the cruise terminal area to a point where the town of Cherbourg could be reached via an easy walk, but also right outside the terminal was a horse and carriage that offered to take passengers, about 6 at a time, to town. When we learned that the trip we'd pay for was round-trip it seemed like fun at a very reasonable price so we hopped on. The carriage dropped us right in the center of Cherbourg where, because it was Saturday, a full farmers' market was filling several streets. We enjoyed wandering through the market to look at the produce, meats, and fish being sold. All products were local and just looked delightful! The return carriage ride took us in a loop around the city so we got to see more of the town.

In the afternoon we joined a HAL tour so we could see more of the Normandy countryside. We visited small villages, an old church, and learned about the area.


HAL Shore Excursions

Horse and Carriage (no website; price in 2012 was 5 Euros for the round-trip into town and back. We heard that this was a free service in earlier years but those trips were just around the port area, not into town.)

The Cherbourg Gallery includes additional photographs from Cherbourg and its weekly market as well as pictures taken in the nearby countryside.

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