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MS Amsterdam

This beautiful ship was already familiar to us as we sailed on it in 2006 to Hawai'i and back. Details of the ship's layout and amenities are available on the Holland America website; the link is in the adjacent column.

For this trip we occupied a stateroom that was mid-ship on Deck 2. Details and photos can be found on the "Stateroom" page. We particularly liked the large amount of storage space and the excellent in-room wifi signal. It was convenient to be so near to the mid-ship stairs and elevator, too.

About the Maps

As you look at the pages for the port stops I hope you'll enjoy the maps that are featured on all of the Port pages. The map on each page is easily enlarged and is totally interactive. There is at least one map on each of the "PORTS" pages.

Accurate maps are possible because George has a GPS device on his Nikon SLR camera. After he has set the GPS at a location the longitude and latitude becomes a part of the photo's metadata. While the settings will vary for each photo as he moves to a new location, the map location chosen is taken from one of the photos from that area. If we were in areas that are distant from each other on that day there is more than one map.

Google makes it easy to transfer this information to a blog page and when you click on the "View Larger Area" link, you'll have access to everything that Google Maps can offer for that site. In some areas you'll find that Google hasn't mapped a detailed version yet.

Play with the maps! I think they add a lot to a travel blog.

There are no maps for most of the on-ship photos because it's not possible to get a GPS reading inside a building or the ship — there is no access to the satellites. Some of the shots made from a deck on the ship do have locators, and thus, an accompanying map.

Photo Instructions: Click on any photo to magnify it; a click outside the magnified image will restore the thumbnail state. The maps for these locations will be found on the Puerto Chiapas and Avalon, Catalina pages.

Amsterdam in port at Puerto Chiapas

Amsterdam in port at Puerto Chiapas

Amsterdam anchored off Santa Catalina

Amsterdam anchored off Santa Catalina

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