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Stateroom 2569

Stateroom DA2569 is a mid-level outside-view cabin that could sleep 3 if the pull-out sofa bed were used. Thus, it has one additional closet, so we found that we had more storage than we needed. Cabin Stewards Jesse and Ipu did a fabulous job of keeping our room in top-notch order and of getting our laundry back quickly. We purchased the unlimited laundry service and found that laundry turned in before we left for breakfast was back the very next day. We had excellent service on the dry-cleaning as well. They're great with tuxedos!

A clothing organization idea: I take 3-4 paper grocery bags, cut about in half and I discard the top half. Once we are unpacking, I open each out and fold down the top inch or two as a cuff. This makes a neat container for small clothing items; two of them fit nicely side-by-side on a shelf and can be pulled out like drawers. The bags can be thrown away when repacking at the end of the trip or set as they are, with clothing in them, into the luggage.

Because of the holiday season I took a big red velvet bow for the cabin door and a long piece of red package ribbon. I tied the door like a package and fastened the bow to the crossover on the front, just as one might tie up a gift package.

A real treat was coming back to the stateroom after dinner to find that family members had sent us some gifts from the HAL Shop. All had been wrapped attractively by the ship's staff and were waiting for us on our bed when we came in from dinner one evening. Family members reported that ordering from the HAL Store's Phone Service had been easy and that the person helping them was extremely pleasant and helpful. What was delivered was exactly what they ordered.

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