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Avalon, Santa Catalina, California

"Twenty-six miles across the sea . . ."

So goes the song, and while we've been over to Catalina several times, we'd never visited the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Gardens. There are many species of plants that are unique to Catalina Island and one of the goals here is to preserve and protect those species. There's also a small outdoor theater where short films about the area are available upon demand. We chose one about how some of the excess bison population there (originally brought to the island for a movie and left there) is being returned to South Dakota plains with the assistance of Cheyenne tribe members there.

After the tender ride to the Avalon dock, we rented a golf cart and drove up there. Then we kept the cart and drove around the island to see what's changed since our last visit. There are many scenic overlooks along the route.

A fun day. There's a link to the Gardens below.

Wrigley Gardens

Avalon Scenic Drive

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