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Entry into the Panama Canal

Expecting a hot (really hot!) day and knowing that the decks and viewing area from the bow would be crowded, I got up very early (4 am) and headed up to seek out a place in what I thought would be an already-busy Crow's Nest. To my surprise, at 4:45 am, the was no one there, but within 15 minutes the dining stewards were there, beginning to set up food service for the viewers, and they pointed out the seats that they thought would be most advantageous. So we staked out a couple of those seats, studied the plasma-screen navigation map that the duplicates one that's available to those serving on the Bridge, and settled down to wait for daylight and to watch the lights of the nearby ships as everyone moved into position. Periodically we'd consult the plasma-screen map to see who had moved where.

Soon we saw the little icon of a pilot boat approaching the icon that identified the Amsterdam; the two merged, and soon thereafter, as the morning sky began to dawn, the Naturalist who had just boarded began to interpret what we were seeing.

These photos cover our transit through the Miraflores Locks and the Pedro Miguel Locks. The link for our Lake Gatun stay (and excursion) and the ship's exit back through the same locks are on the other two pages.

Entry into the Panama Canal, at the Bridge of the Americas

Pedro Miguel Locks Area

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