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Evening Activities and Entertainment

The evening's entertainment for us often began with checking out some of the pre-dinner music before heading off to the dining room for an elegant dinner, presented and served by our wonderful dining and wine stewards. During the evening hours the ship came alive with daily shows in the Queen's Lounge and musical groups entertaining all around the ship. The HAL-Cats band, with Janel provided most of the music for the evening entertainment feature in the Queen's Lounge while the Rosario Strings played for awhile at dinner and later relocated to the Ocean Bar where a crowd gathered nightly to listen. The Piano Bar offered the incredible talents of James Blackburn and there was dancing and entertainment nightly up in the Crow's Nest. A list of some of the onboard talent is listed at left, with links to their websites. Very popular during this cruise were both the Filipino Crew Show and the Indonesian Crew Show, each held after 11 pm, when the crews were (technically) finished with their duties. In reality, frequently the very talented performers appeared long enough to entertain but then had to go back to finish the day's work.

At the end of the evening, it's such a pleasure to come back to a near cabin, with pillow chocolates and a new towel animal waiting on the bed.

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Above: Cruise Director Mike opens the show; wine steward Paulyne, towel animal

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Indonesian Crew Show

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