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Northern Europe Explorer Cruise : May 22 - June 15 2011

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Animation of our 24 day Northern European Explorer cruise aboard Holland America's ms Eurodam. The cruise consisted of two 12 day segments; a Baltic cruise followed by a North Seas cruise. The link for the North Seas cruise will open as soon as the Baltic cruise has ended. Each animation lasts less than a minute. Animated graphic by George Wilde © 2018

Google Interactive Map of the Cruise

This blog-photo album is a summary of our 24-day cruise on Holland America's ms Eurodam in the Spring of 2011. We cruised through the Baltic and North Seas, stopping at 14 different ports (2 twice) for a total of 16 port days. We spent nearly a week in London pre-cruise. Links to all port pages are in the table under the Eurodam banner.

Photos: Consist of self-advancing slide shows and photos which can be magnified by selecting individual photos.

Vendors: See Vendor Information page. If there is no vendor listed for a city we used HAL excursions or walked around on our own, not using any paid guide service.

Excursions from HAL: linked below is a generic copy of the Shore Excursions booklet provided to us by Holland America; it's been linked because those considering a cruise such as this might want some indication of available shore excursions. We relied heavily on other resources for many of our excursions. As we were happy with all of them we're glad to recommend those listed on our Vendor Information page.

HAL Shore Excursions PDF

Maps & Information: Perhaps the most important links on all pages are to the Google Interactive Maps. There's a wealth of information linked on the maps!

For most Americans a European cruise represents a significant investment in time and money. It is our hope that those who will cruise after us can make use of our experiences to create for themselves a "cruise of their dreams" with memories that will last a lifetime.

If you contact us with questions or comments please put "Eurodam 2011" in your subject line.

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