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Northern Europe Explorer Cruise : May 22 - June 15 2011

Invergordon, Scotland

Google Interactive Map of Invergordon


Highlands sightseeing &Eilean Donan Castle


Holland America

Why Selected?

Cross-country overview couldn't have been done on our own in the time allotted for the port visit.


This is a nice tour; the meal included is a box lunch brought with us on the bus in refrigerated containers. From the announcement made I think those with dietary needs could arrange with the shore excursion department for their requirements to be met.


The "nice surprise" here was that we were on our own for planning our lunch time and castle-visiting. There was no group tour mandated; people were free to roam around and see points of interest to each individual. There were guides for those who wished to use them. And, as Presbyterians, it was interesting to chat about our similarities with the Scottish Presbyterian Church that she volunteered her affiliation with.


This trip began at the Invergordon port and continued across Scotland to the Eilean Donan Castle, and back. This was a good tour; guide was Sandra MacIlver who was very responsive to the group's desires as far as timing of rest stops and length of time for the photo stops. She was knowledgeable and responsive to questions.

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