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Northern Europe Explorer Cruise : May 22 - June 15 2011

Tallinn, Estonia

Google Interactive Map of Tallinn


Old Town tour on our own


Rick Steves' book for ideas

Why Selected?

Town easily managed on our own; doesn't need guides or transportation as distance is easily walkable


There's a blue line after leaving the port; follow it to Old Town. Wear walking shoes; many cobblestones and uneven steps. Especially slippery in rain!

Stop in the town square for hot chocolate; it's delicious. Everyone I spoke to who enjoyed some thought the place they chose was good.

The main hotel on the left side of the street as you leave the area will allow you to use their restrooms at no charge; of course places where you buy food/drink will as well. There are public restrooms near the walkway from the ship into town.


Free, fast wi-fi in port! This "old city" is technologically advanced in many ways, not the least of which is a wi-fi so powerful that it reaches onto the ship from its on-shore location. Our cabin faced the terminal area and we could pick it up inside our cabin just fine. Anywhere on that side of the ship should work. It will show up automatically; no log-in information required.


We enjoyed the Old Town very much and the wi fi was fabulous.

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