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Northern Europe Explorer Cruise : May 22 - June 15 2011

Pre-cruise: London, England

Google Interactive Map of London


Walking tour, Tea, Lunch, The Eye, Kew Gardens; see Google Interactive Map


See Vendor Information and Google Interactive Map

Why Selected?

Most suggestions came from Rick Steves's Guidebook; others, our own knowledge; transportation via Tube


Plan ahead; purchase tickets (Oyster card for the Tube, The Eye, tea/lunch reservations, for example) ahead online before arrival. Use guidebooks to choose activities of interest and see if there is a discount for tickets purchased online. It is possible to spend very little money on sightseeing if you plan carefully!

Expect steps in the Tube; few stations are totally mobility-friendly at this time.

On the Google Interactive Map linked above, click on the links that show on the pop-ups for London locations, see Tube/Underground routes by clicking on those icons, and explore links that you see listed.


1. When a pre-planned restaurant stop didn't work into our timeframe we looked for another choice in the same general area. As we listened to the conversations of those standing around The Coachmakers at 88 Marylebone Lane (Bond Street Station; walk about 10 minutes; on right-hand side of street) we knew we'd found a local favorite and it was a wonderful substitute for our previous plans. Fresh fish, many menu items made from scratch, and very reasonably priced.

2. The National Express bus will stop right at the cruise port in Dover if offered a cash (in pounds) tip to do so; ask the driver before you leave Victoria Coach Station and work with other cruise passengers to collect a nice tip for his/her efforts to ease this part of the journey. You'll save money as cab fare from the Priory Station in Dover to the cruise terminal is about 8-10 pounds whereas a tip of about 5 pounds per couple will be appropriate. It's so much easier to not need to transfer luggage to the curb at Priory, get a cab, reload the luggage into the cab and unload again at the cruise terminal.


A wonderful visit; our plans all came together so well! We'd do it again, just the same! The London map link at the top of the page has details of many of our choices.

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