Wilde Adventures
Northern Europe Explorer Cruise : May 22 - June 15 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark

Google Interactive Map of Copenhagen


First stop:
On our own; using the Hop-on-Hop-Off bus we toured major areas of the city, leaving the bus to visit points of interest.

Second stop:
Canal Tour
Dyrehaven (Danish 'The Deer Park') (Learn more)


First stop:
Hop-on-Hop Off Bus (Ho-Ho)

Second stop:
Canal tour
S Train Route C

Why Selected?

First stop:
It seemed the best way to explore the city highlights on our own and pick up ideas for what we wanted to do when we return to Copenhagen in 12 days.

Second stop:
Canal: Rick Steves recommended
Jægersborg Dyrehave: Transit Information desk suggested


First stop:
We were told by our Holland America Travel Consultant that a similar bus service called "Jump On, Jump Off" has very few busses so the wait to catch another bus is usually much longer. The Hop On line has 3 routes; each is accessed from a different corner in the Town Square; ask the driver. There's a map that shows where each bus goes; maps are on the bus. The driver will give each passenger earphones to use for the commentary; 5 languages are available. Tickets are simple paper receipts but hang onto them as they are needed to re-board the busses.

Cruise passengers docked at Freeport need to consult the driver about returning there; the A bus picks up at Freeport but every A bus does not return. Our bus transferred us at Langalinie Terminal to another bus going to Freeport. I did notice that Langalinie Terminal has a good selection of well-known clothing stores, all grouped together.

Second stop:
Take the train into town (free on first Sunday of the month) or use port-supplied shuttle (not free). Or walk; about 45 minutes. Walk past train station, past the palace, to the canals; the tour recommended by Rick Steves isn't the first one you come to; turn right and walk about 300 yards more. Walk back to Train Station for the S-train stop; C train to Klampenborg. (Learn about Klampenborg)


First stop:
My day in Copenhagen was the day in which I believe I was mistaken for a beggar. Entering the washroom at the train station I saw that coins were being collected in a small tray as women left the room. I had no idea how much was expected and I tried to ask a passing lady who was trying to figure out what I needed but apparently decided that my problem was that I had no money for the washroom. She opened her purse, took out a coin and put it on the tray, pointing to me with a smile. I tried to protest, but she just smiled and hurried from the room.

Second stop:
The trip to Klampenborg was true serendipity; totally unexpected find that came about just because we asked the Train Station's Information booth for a trip that might take 3 or so hours total. We found ourselves spending Sunday afternoon (a national holiday) as clearly many local families had chosen to do!


First stop:
The Ho-Ho was, we thought, a great way to survey the city at minimal cost. If we had more time in Copenhagen on another visit we'd definitely explore more of the resources listed in Copenhagen's Best Secret Places where there are many ideas for more off-the-beaten-track activities to enjoy. Our second day in Copenhagen was spent trying out the canal boat rides that we saw as we rode the Ho-Ho and following the advice of the Tourist Information Center at the train station.

Second stop:
The Bakken Amusement Park at Dyrehaven has more for younger children than Tivoli seemed to have. It is supposedly the world's oldest amusement park, being founded in 1583, Entrance to this amusement park is free and you just pay for the rides. There seemed to be rides for all ages to enjoy. Carriage rides are also available.

Dyrehaven is a unique experience that most tourists probably never experience.

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