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Northern Europe Explorer Cruise : May 22 - June 15 2011

Oslo, Norway

Google Interactive Map of Oslo


City Walk: Cruise Terminal to Waterfront via City Hall

Local ferry to Folk Art Museum

Public tram to Froegner Park to see the famous Vigeland Museum statue collection.

Vigeland Website


On our own; public ferry, public transportation

Why Selected?

Rick Steves recommended route, easily done on your own


The Opera House may be visible from the cruise terminal, depending on where the ship is docked; it's a huge structure with predominant glass features and a pedestrian walk-around that's heavily used. City Hall is well worth a visit; follow the signs to enter at the public entrance.

It's easy to walk to the ferry; from the cruise port there's a map that shows 2 ways. Upon arrival, walk to the Folk Art Museum; it's all uphill though! The museum has 155 buildings; there are maps; all self-guided; paths are often steeply uphill and then back down.

It's a quick walk from the cruise port over to the Train Station; use the overhead ramp/walkway (there's an elevator) to cross the multiple streets around the station. Purchase tram ticket(s) for #12 from the coffee shop nearest the tram stops; follow the overhead signs. Validate your ticket in the machine on the tram as soon as you board it. Exit for the Froegner is Froegner Park. Upon return (#12 becomes the #11) exit as the downtown church, walk through the pedestrian mall back to the train station. No charge for Froegner Park; statues clearly visible as you enter.

A good summary of Oslo attractions is on Rick Steves' website


We were initially disappointed that our planned HAL trip on a steam train was canceled but as it turned out, we probably wouldn't have enjoyed it much in the rain (and fog) that fell while we were in Oslo. We still got a "train ride" and got to see these famous (and deservedly so!) statues. And, we didn't spend the $400 that we'd been prepared to spend for the steam train ride!


Pleasant walk to the ferry; ferry tickets are bought onboard the vessel. The ferry continues on to an additional stop that serves other museums; the ferry guide can answer questions. Consider following the waterfront path to the ferry; walk via the downtown route back to the cruise terminal to see more of the city.

Very enjoyable museum. See what interests you, at your own pace. One could easily spend all day here.

As it turned out, the day worked out very well and we were satisfied with what we chose to do.

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