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Incan Empire Cruise: November 3 — December 4, 2013

Antigua, Guatemala

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Antigua, Guatemala

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Antigua, located in the central Highlands area of Guatemala, is a UNESCO World Heritage site noted for its well-preserved Baroque architecture in the Spanish tradition. Ruins of colonial churches may also be seen.

Our visit to Antigua

On the way back there was a fairly brief walk through Antigua; our guide took us to see the interiors of some very nice buildings that are now being used as hotels, with lovely interior courtyard gardens. We visited the municipal building and climbed up to its balcony to see the city overview. However, the trail of those peddling goods followed us everywhere; it probably doesn’t bother most tourists, but I find it really hard to appreciate what this city has to offer when I’m having to run a gauntlet of sellers to whom I have to say to each and every one, “No, gracias.” I know they need to make a living, but I wanted to just listen to the tour guide. At least on this trip, for we’ve been here several times before, the sellers were primarily adults; in the past I’ve had to turn away an awful lot of really pitiful-looking young children, trying to sell things.

The tour guide expected to turn us loose to “shop and explore” on our own for 30 minutes; she was voted down by a large majority who wanted to just leave and go back to the ship. Quite a few of the tour group had bought items as we moved along the streets as a tour group so were about shopped-out, but I think a lot of our group had been here before and just didn’t want any additional looking or shopping time. Despite leaving early from Antigua we still didn’t return until our expected time; again, traffic was heavy.


HAL Shore Excursions

The zipline tour ncluded this stop in Antigua.

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We didn't find any in the town square.

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