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Incan Empire Cruise: November 3 — December 4, 2013

Landscapes: Corinto-Leon

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Corinto, Nicaragua

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Corinto is located along the Pacific coast, in the northwest region. It was, a one time, a significant railroad terminal point and today is noted for the wide range of cargo handled through its port which is the largest in Nicaragua.

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While we were in Nicaragua our touring centered around the Botanic Garden and the center town square in Leon. If you stay near the port, you can walk through the Corinto streets and we’ve done that on our own on previous visits. The people are friendly, there is merchandise for sale.

While on a tour bus, driving toward Leon, one cannot help but notice not only the volcanic scenery but also contrasting signs of economic situations, for. along this main road, there are signs of great poverty and of great wealth in the residences that face this main highway.

The drive from the port to Leon could, it seem, take as little as 45 minutes, but we found traffic to be heavy in both directions; if you go on yur own, allow plenty of time for your return to the port.

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Tour of Botanic Gardens and Leon City Center
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