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Incan Empire Cruise: November 3 — December 4, 2013

Panama Canal Expansion

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Canal Locks Expansion

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The expansion will adda new traffic lane which will include two new sets of locks. One will be placed on the Pacific side, one on the Atlantic side, and the addition will double the canal's transit capacity. And, since these locks will be created with larger ships in mind, cruise and cargo ships which currently can't use the canal because of their widths will now have this option.

More than just the Canal!

The purpose of this tour, of course, was to see the work done thus far on the Canal Expansion project. Behind schedule, the work is incomplete but still much has been done and it was interesting to see it.

Also interesting were the primates—howler monkeys—that were spotted from the tour bus; the driver stopped to allow photos and observation. Photos can be accessed from the "wildlife" section of the Panama menu bar section.


Primates along the way

An unanticipated pleasure!


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Canal Expansion Tour

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