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Incan Empire Cruise: November 3 — December 4, 2013

Puerto Chiapas Tour: Lunch

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Hospitality Lunch at a local Catholic church

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When convenient for their schedules, the congregation of this local church invites tour participants to a lunch, held in the church's social hall. As we entered the church gates there were young women with baskets of flower petals which they tossed over the heads of the arriving visitors, as a welcoming gesture. We were invited into the Sanctuary for a brief explanation of the artwork in the Sanctuary. The artwork is well-known and highly valued and we enjoyed having the opportunity to view it.

Then we were escorted to lunch! Tomalies, wrapped in banana leaves, were served and platters of baked plantains were on the table. Bottled soft drinks and water were provided as well. Afterward we enjoyed music played on the patio.

Donations were welcomed (via a donations jar only; no soliciting) to offset the cost of the food ingredients, but the congregation considers this lunch to be part of the community's hospitality.


HAL Shore Excursion

I don't think it's possible to arrange a tour like this indiviidually. A search of online tour agencies for the area displays only the tour offerings of the many cruise lines that call here.

The tour organization selects what they call "the best" of the co-operatives to visit; that's their definition, but we think we probably were taken to an excellent example of this type of town.

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