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Incan Empire Cruise: November 3 — December 4, 2013

Salaverry: Trujillo Gateway

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Salaverry, Peru

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Salaverry is the port for Trujillo, the second largest city in Peru has numerous interesting archaeological sites Trujillo was also founded by the Spanish conquistador Pizarro the port, rebuilt in the 1960s by an English company is able to accommodate large ships including tourist ships .

Gateway to Archaeological Discoveries

Salaverry, the port location, is only about 10 miles from Trujillo which is the gateway city to many archaeological ruins. Situated in the Moche River area, the water and climate provided a favorable area for ancient peoples to establish communities and some of those sites remain. Two important archeological sites of pre-Columbian monuments are Chan Chan, a World Heritage the largest adobe city in the ancient world, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the temples of the Sun and Moon which are the largest adobe pyramids remaining from the times of these ancient civilizations. The third area, El Brujo is nearby.

Please see the individual pages for each of these three sites, linked in the menu bar under Salaverry/Trujillo, to learn more.

Unexpected wi-fi at Luna

Just ask! You never know.


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Archaeological Trujillo

Portside Wi-Fi Available

Luna Temple

Out in the middle of a field, no less! The bus driver made a telephone call to someone in the area who turned on a wi-fi connection which worked just fine while waiting on the bus for everyone to return.

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