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Incan Empire Cruise: November 3 — December 4, 2013

Trujillo Archaeology: El Brujo

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El Brujo

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El Brujo (the Sorcerer) is of Mochican origin. It is located 20 miles north of Trujillo near the town of Chocope, in the Chicama Valley.

An ancient lady is buried here

El Brujo was the first of three archaeological sites in this area! The ship rates the level of physical activity at the two-person icon level, but I’d give it a 3. At El Brujo, there’s a steep walk up (and then back down) to the main temple area. Some of the walkway has steps, and they are of high quality, and the trail is in good repair, but it is quite steep. There’s a fair amount of standing in the museum area too; it’s not laid out in a way that visitors can go off on their own.

Built by the Moche culture, this site is the burial place of the first governess of Peru, Señora de Cao, first known Governess in Peru.

Also, photos are not allowed within the museum itself; you might want to purchase somethng with photos in the gift shop.


HAL Shore Excursions

Archaeological Trujillo Selected because it seemed the best way to visit three separate sites in the limited time we were in this port.

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