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Incan Empire Cruise: November 3 — December 4, 2013

Ship Life: Neptune Suite 023

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Neptune Neptune Suite 023

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This is a typical S-class ship suite, so it would be very similar to other cabins in this category, for those who are considering this option for a future cruise.

The verandah furniture consists of a dining-height table, 4 chairs, and 2 loungers with a small table between them. I bring a tablecloth or two; that's not included in what you'll find in the cabin's furnishings! The cabin steward will bring the chair and lounger cushions in each evening, or earlier if rain threatens, placing them behind the drapes until morning or clear weather.

Cabin furniture, pictured in the slide show, is what you can expect to find in this cabin category as well. Another "extra" that we usually bring are magnetic clothes pins (I get mine at the Container Store) that adhere easily to the cabin walls. We use a couple to hang the map/itinerary (printed and brought from home) and a few to add some weight to the tablecloth, although we do bring the cloth in if we aren't outside. The clips keep the corners from blowing up into the food.

Agus and Dean kept our cabin spotless and were delightful to know.

Stateroom 023 is almost directly across from the door into the Neptune Lounge. Our favorite amenity there is the coffee maker with its multiple options! The staff is such a delight to get to know; here you'll see our concierges Astrid and Bien. Jhanuary was with us for part of the cruise as well, and we were sorry when she completed her time with us. She too is such a lovely person to know!.

I like to make door decorations; I use a long (almost twice the height of a typical door) loop of ribbon with a 6-inch strip of elastic sewn into the circle. Then I bring items to clip or tie to the front of the ribbon. This one is travel-themed; the items on it are small momentoes of travel and picture various postage stamps from countries around the world. I pick up the items at a local craft store's scrapbooking supplies section.

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