Wilde Adventures
Incan Empire Cruise: November 3 — December 4, 2013

Cruise Critic Event

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Cruise Critic Meet & Greet

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The Roll Call group from Cruise Critic met on the first sea day after Cabo San Lucas and then again on the first sea day after Lima. We were fortunate in that almost all of the ship's officers, including Captain Eric van der Waal, were able to attend our first gathering. They made brief presentations and then chatted with small groups of guests.
Our second gathering was an opportunity for us to meet a few new roll-callers who joined us in Lima and to share tour experiences with each other.
The Cruise Critic group is very appreciative of the care and attention provided to our group by the ship's officers and staff. At each gathering we had a lovely hospitality table set up for us in a private area, considerable attention from the staff, and every consideration we could ask for to make our gatherings fun for all.

This was a fairly large group; about 90 attended the first meeting; somewhat fewer the second, but still, a very nice crowd. Ours was an active online roll call, with many private excursions planned and new friends made, so there was plenty of conversation!

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