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Incan Empire Cruise: November 3 — December 4, 2013

Ship Life: A Stormy Day

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Stormy Day

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Below is my Cruise Critic blog entry for Thanksgiving Day, sailing toward Manzanilla:

Today is our rough and crazy sea day. With ferocious winds at a Beaufort 10+ level (yet no rain; a gorgeous sky!), all outer doors are closed, the barf bags are out, and we’re all moving carefully through the corridors. There are some leaks along our corridor here on the Navigation Deck; we’re below the pool that seems to be having some problems. There are people in the corridors working on the situation; but I haven’t heard of any cabins that are affected, although some may have been. The leaking water seems to be centered around the Neptune Lounge and the hallways adjacent and it’s not a flood by any means; just some dripping. We expect to be out of this weather pattern by 8 pm and I hope so; this is formal night. I don’t really want to not wear heels with a formal dress, but I might not be able to walk in them either!

I’ve secured some doors in our cabin and have put paper and cloth separators between the wine glasses in the cupboard as they were clinking together very loudly when we returned from lunch and I don’t want any of them to chip. The gale is supposedly at its strongest at the moment, mid-afternoon. I was up at the Crow’s Nest just before lunch, watching the waves. While the ship has been adjusting its speed and course to ride pretty much in synch with the waves, occasionally that won’t happen, and the resulting spray is hitting the windows of the Crow’s Nest, as high-up as it is, and dripping down the windows. Quite a sight!

It’s Thanksgiving, of course, and turkey (whole birds, roasted here on board, I’ve heard, not pre-assembled roasts of turkey parts) is on the menu, along with some very nice side dishes. It’s a pleasure to not be the holiday-meal-cook for a change!

The entertainment tonight is an Encore Night; if the sea calmed a bit, so we went to the 10 pm show. We're so happy to have a late show almost every night as we much prefer late dinner and entertainment following.

This is such a wonderful cruise; it’s hard to believe we have less than a week to go.

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