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Incan Empire Cruise: November 3 — December 4, 2013

Ship Life: Village Fair

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Sea Day Entertainment: The Village Fair

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I believe the idea for this half-day event originated on the Prinsendam, and as I heard it, the creative spark that became The Village Fair came from Captain Albert Schonderbeek, who was later a regular Captain for the Statendam, bringing this event to a new ship when he transferred. Regardless, this is a fun day for the passengers and the crew seems to have fun too, but it is certainly a lot of work for them to set it all up out on the Lido deck, around the pool. Many of the departments take part, setting up games of chance. Passengers are each given a packet of "tickets" to get them started; winning one of the games earns additional tickets. The highlight, of course, as it was when we first experienced this event on the Statendam last year, is the "toss through the rings" activity where the prize is a pool-dunking of a ship's officer. The higher the ring reached by the contestant, the higher the rank of the officer who must "walk the plank." But all of the games are fun, and most are amazingly difficult to play well!

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